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chalkboard kitchen wall


i posted about debating doing a chalkboard wall in the empty space in our kitchen. well, we did it and i love it. here is the before shot.

those damn eye sores of outlets at all heights of the wall are now a little more disguised ( we removed them and painted by hand ) and you can now see a little pop of contrast from the entrance of the apartment.

i must admit we haven’t written anything on there since we painted it. i went through all the chalk curing the thing. but when we get some chalk – oh man that wall is in for it.

+ please ignore the dying orchid. i guess heat waves and no AC is bad for orchids. fyi.

it took us a good three or four coats to get it less blotchy looking and it wasn’t until we cured it by rubbing chalk EVERYWHERE that it ended up looking right.

2 comments on “chalkboard kitchen wall”

  1. Funny thing is, when I saw your post about possibly painting the wall black I thought the photoshopped pic was real..until I read the post :-) I think it looks great! I adore blak walls in the right space and yours is totally the right space.

  2. Love it! Where did you get the tall white cabinets, by the way? I could use something like that next to my fridge to stuff some stuff in.

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