arlo : 8 months

can’t believe my little guy is 8 months old. time is just flying by and i am finally able to plan his birthday party without judgement!

he’s so happy and so fun, his smile and his laugh are so infectious i honestly don’t think i’ve ever brought him anywhere without at least one stranger ogling over him. which of course we both love. he always flirts way harder when they notice him flirting (and lately i really notice him staring at people until they look over at him)

he’s still got ZERO teeth and still doesn’t seem too interested in learning to crawl, but he definitely gets frustrated when he can’t get around so he really loves when we assist him to prance around the house or scooting around in his walker to chase the cats.

he’s learned how to use his pincers and he’s obsessed with eating cereal puffs, and looks so proud and happy every time he brings a puff to his mouth. he also is getting really into soft finger foods, he loves chicken and carrots and surprisingly, broccoli!

he is babbling up a storm, so ready to talk. and he is so giggly when you come up with a good bit! also, he does this strange thing at night when daddy gets home— gid holds him and he suddenly thinks i’m absolutely hysterical and will laugh at even me saying “hi!” over and over and over and over. no clue why but it’s my favorite.

he has gotten so great at outings. and i do NOT take it for granted! he was so tough to bring out to lunch or dinners and now he can play and eat his puffs and drop spoons and just not be a total whiny nightmare the entire time — it’s been so great.

he is still suuuuper clingy. he really prefers mom and dad to anyone ever and would much rather be held by me while flirting with other people. he cries so much less these days, and it’s crazy how i can tell why he’s crying or whining now. and it’s usually just because he wants to be picked up or he wants to eat more of my chicken. he’s gonna be such a bratty toddler.

and nothing rivals the cats for making him happy. whenever he hurts himself or cries i know they’re the quickest thing to cheer him up. and they’re really warming up to him too!

i appreciated this month so much. he has been such a joy to be around, we have had so many good times and it’s really hit me how much more fun and easy every month has been than the last. i really struggled with lugging him around to do things and try to lead a fairly normal life, or staying on a schedule or just not getting super bored being home all day with him — but that has all gotten better. and i do realize there are cloudy months and easy months, so i’m just so happy that we had such a good one.

i really, really really am in love.

and PS can you tell he doesn’t fit in this onesie anymore?

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  1. I’m curious how you make chicken soft enough for him but still have it be finger food.. I have an 8 month old as well ..

  2. Such cutie! My little guy is just shy of 8 months and we’re in the same boat–no teeth, no interest in crawling, likes broccoli.

    I’m curious how you prepare the chicken for him as well. We haven’t done much in the way of meats for our son yet because he kinda freaks out any time he gets a chunk of something in his mouth.

    1. Molly Madfis says:

      we started with TEENY TINY pieces but now he’s gotten more confident with chewing so the pieces are a little bigger now. he loves the taste of food so much he’s learned to be fine with the chunkier textures. try a rotisserie chicken because you can flake off little pieces and gauge his interest!

  3. My son Bruce didn’t start crawling until after eight months and didn’t cut his first tooth until 10, so Arlo is in good company!

    Here’s such a cutie pie! I can see why all the ladies love him.

  4. claire james says:

    sup, arlo? it’s your #1 fan, claire. just know that i’m rooting for you, and i’m glad you’re loving life. keep being chill af.

  5. This is all so sweet to hear! I’ve got a 6 month old girl and it’s been fun to watch you and Arlo and Gid in your baby/parenthood adventures just ahead of us. I’ve also reeeeeally appreciated your practical advice and honest assessments of what’s it’s like to be deep in the lovey, mushy, mess where sometimes the days are too short and sometimes just so damn long!

    1. We haven’t done much in the way of meats for our son yet because he kinda freaks out any time he gets a chunk of something in his mouth.