making this: aCLOCKalypse now REDUX

I bought this very plain clock at Target (can’t find it online) for $7. Gideon’s been wanting a wall clock in our bedroom since I made him throw away his gross digital one. This one totally seemed like a blank canvas.

So I took the clock apart and decided I was going to hand paint a geometric pattern like this Anthropologie bedding.

AND SO – that didn’t work out. I didn’t have enough control with the paintbrushes on such an awkward surface and it was so goddamn ugly that I would never even consider hanging it my house. I had to move fast to wipe it all off so I didn’t have time to take a picture. Back to the drawing board.

I painted it grey and found some new inspiration. Something easier and something I could just do with a pen so I could have enough control.

I found these hand drawn coasters from Life is a Canvas. PRETTY! Can I borrow?

The pattern’s definitely not perfect because of it being round and me not planning ahead (maybe pencil drawing the lines?!) but we’re very happy with it. Then, to give it even more OOMPH, I had Gideon ever so carefully color the 12. You know, because it’s 12? 12?! I don’t know.


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