the ikea rast campaign hack ⋅ update

i get a ton of emails asking about the rast hack hardware and why the source of the hardware yells at you.

now let me start by apologizing to ansaldi & sons. i know your site said surface mount and i didn’t care. but back then, there wasn’t this totally scary hostile warning either! (i think i may have directed too many people to them for this project)

ok! i am sorry you don’t like it mounted onto the wood. but because i wasn’t using it heavily, i thought it’d be ok to just mount the thing right on there.

now if you are attempting to hack your rast in this fashion, you must be willing to ignore the warning. can you do that? ok good.

i could have gotten serious about it and cut holes for the hardware, but i didn’t. so i just drilled them right on top. as you can see, they protrude slightly but in person, it’s honestly not that noticeable.

here it is from the top. see? not so bad, right?

and here’s my little rast. in it’s new home. with some shelving around it that i will be posting as soon as i get my shit together.

i took these new semi-better pictures of it so that if you wanted to pin it, you could you pin these instead of those really shitty photos i took with my cell phone.

i’m still here to answer any questions and i want to see how yours turn out!

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  1. I’m starting mine now and will post pics soon. I’m not overly apprehensive now that I’ve seen your handles, but mine are stainless steel and my drawers are bright blue 🙂

  2. how hard do you think it would be the cut the holes for the hardware? also, the pulls aren’t on the website anymore. are there any other you recommend?

  3. What color paint did you use on this?! I love the rich gray! 🙂 Thanks!

    1. + hi sarah! it’s martha stewart anvil. 🙂

  4. I’m amazed that, in this economy, a merchant would actually turn away business because you’re using a drawer handle “wrong”…
    And that’s a beautiful piece of furniture. It almost looks like stacked vintage briefcases!

  5. This is an amazing project. Thanks so much for sharing! I’ve had it on my “to-do” list for a while and hope to get started on it soon. Funny thing about the handles. I think Ansaldi & Sons has more than doubled the price of the pulls since you blogged this project. I think they’ve also changed the item number. Here is a helpful post I found while researching how to set a campaign handle into wood:

  6. I just want to tell you that this post made me laugh as I was on the page looking at all the notes about recessed mounts and thinking wow how the heck do I do that !!!

  7. Hey,
    I was just wondering where you got those corner brackets from? I can’t seem to find them anywhere..
    Cheers Cristina

  8. Elizabeth says:

    What finish did you use for the paint? I tried this, the finish I used was satin, which turned out sticky. I can’t place anything on the table without the paint coming off. Any suggestions?

    Also, the photo makes it look like a rich gray but it turned out a lighter gray for me. Was there something else you did you achieve this look? Thanks!

  9. China Ali says:

    I noticed the fuss over the handles and it’s ridiculous. The company’s job is to list items, descriptions, directions and anything they feel costumer needs to know. That covers their tails should someone use them in a different way that is not suggested. They shouldn’t complain because you were clear has to how they should be put on versus how you choose to use them. Raising price was a bad idea. They will loose clients because of it. Those are corner brackets. You can spray paint any color and screw them im place like corners the in this hack. They are to reinforcensure areas were two areas meet and need extra support and this is nice. I can’t tell but I’d add screws to each hole like adding tacking on couches. This however is how I like them. Reminded me of vintage pieces.