10 last minute thanksgiving ideas

thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday, because i love stuffing, a pretty table and people i love in one place. i’m gonna take the rest of the week off to enjoy the week with my dad but i wanted to leave you with some projects and DIYs you can create for a simple, modern thanksgiving.

diy block printed napkins | almost makes perfect

quickly create your own custom napkins for your table, using my quick stamp diy method.

10 last minute thanksgiving projects

send your guests home with a piece of pie in these very cute little printables.

diy plexiglass calligraphy placecards | almost makes perfect

create plexiglass calligraphy place cards that your guests can keep or you can reuse next year.

10 last minute thanksgiving ideas

bake some rustic garlic bread even if you’re just a guest at dinner.

10 last minute thanksgiving ideas

my favorite holiday floral arrangements are loose and organic in a neutral autumn color palette. i’ve used this arrangement for inspiration regularly.

thanksgiving bingo | almost makes perfect

add some laughs and fun to your party with thanksgiving bingo.

10 last minute thanksgiving projects

even if you’re serving wine only, get some edible flowers to fancy up your thanksgiving drinks.

salted caramel pie

the easiest and most delicious pie means you’ll have plenty of time to stress about the rest of the menu.

thanksgiving menu printables | almost makes perfect

i shared these printable modern thanksgiving menus last year, and i wanted to remind you.

10 last minute thanksgiving projects

for your black friday lunch break, make your thanksgiving sandwich extra dope with the monica gellar moist maker.

happy thanksgiving!

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  1. Hi Molly! Thanks for sharing these. They are all really good ideas. I knew I could count on you as I prep last min. ; )