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did you have a good valentines day? yeah, i know it was many days ago now, but mine was fantastic. we saw boyz ii men perform at morongo casino. it was ridiculous and amazing. we had ceviche and margaritas at one of our favorites, red o. we went to the lacma for the stanley kubrick exhibit (which in my opinion was underwhelming… tim burtons was way better). gideon skipped the flowers this year and got me a vintage leather wallet which i LOVE and russian nesting dolls. he’s good at presents. so i made him the girliest cutiest breakfast i could. i found this midcentury bench ON SALE at a thrift store and knew the cats would claim it for themselves. they love it. they also love this $10 tapestry art i found which so seems like it would be hanging in a hotel room in a howard johnsons in the 70s. we also went to the atwater farmers market and can’t seem to ever stop eating tacos now.

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