organizing this: the fridge

This is an intimate post. I should be really embarrassed about what it looks like inside. Okay, I am embarrassed. Sometimes it can look pretty good after a big shopping session, but after this long and lazy weekend, I noticed it really not looking acceptable in the refrigerator.

Oh jeez. I think it looks worse in pictures? So I understood our problems. The freezer’s problem is that we love Trader Joes. Oh, and I keep a bulk supply of croissants and muffins in there too. You know, so you can have a blueberry muffin whenever you want. Adult living. The fridge’s problem is that we have a whole lot of everything in there. Especially stuff we don’t need/use/would never want to eat at this point.

I started by purging. I threw out a couple bags of frozen biscuits that looked totally gross. And frozen challah. From like a year ago. It also looked gross. I also decided that we do not have to keep our taco bell sauces in the fridge anymore. They don’t keep them in the fridge at taco bell, right?

Next, I finally transferred all the flour into the flour container. Been meaning to do that. I then decided it needed a label to look nicer. I also decided the eggs would look nicer and be more accessible if I ripped off the top of the carton. SO MUCH BETTER!

Next, organizing the fridge by category. I put the fruit in one section. The cooking stuff (fresh herbs) together. The dairy on top (duh). And organized those millions of condiments and sauces in sections as well as I could make up. I reused a plastic container (and a pretty label) for those annoying leftover tablespoons of butter.

The freezer drawers are so weird and shallow that no matter what, they looked crammed with bullshit. Especially when they’re crammed with bullshit. La Brea Bakery makes frozen baguettes. Naturally I have hoarded enough of them to fill an entire freezer drawer. Ugh. I also finally stuck ALL of the cheese in one drawer. And ALL of the onions and shallots in another (we love onions and shallots). And all of the fresh produce we forget to eat in one place.

So that’s about as organized as it can be. Not a total betty but a vast improvement.

And just to remind you of where it came from (makes the after look slightly more impressive)

Wow, that before picture really is gross.

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