wedding guest dresses

it’s wedding season! which means i start looking around obsessively at dresses, because i have a problem. once i wear a fancy dress, i don’t want to wear it ever again. this makes me sound so shallow or normal, but the time in between the time i wear a fancy dress to the next — i usually don’t really like it anymore. so i tend to buy inexpensive ones if i can.

here are some of my favorites, some casual + some more formal.

wedding guest dresses | almost makes perfect


also, i have a question for you guys. you may or may not know i have a big thing for forever 21. i tried to cut it cold turkey, but i can’t seem to. i was thinking it could be fun to round up the good finds every so often – would you be into that? let me know.


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  1. I have a huge thing for f21. it feels like a dirty little secret but finding stuff that looks like i paid $$$$ is so satisfying. oh and the scarves…

  2. Sarah Jane says:

    I would love to see Forever 21 finds! that would be amazing

  3. I have the same problem! Recently, I’ve gotten into renting dresses from Rent the Runway. This way I can dress as fancy as I want and just give it back. LOL

  4. YES PLEASE! Would love to see your F21 finds.

  5. I also have never kicked my Forever 21 habit, so I would be in as well. They have cute clothes for plus sizes and so try as I might, I can never truly turn away.

  6. I used to LOVE F21, but then I read so much about fast fashion and its effects on the environment and other people that I stopped cold turkey. I haven’t looked back because it is so heartbreaking seeing why their clothes are cheap and the working conditions that make it possible. There are some great brands that are producing quality clothes with a great sustainable model (ensuring labor workers get paid living wages) such as Seamly and Everlane. I also have a “Where to Shop” page on my blog that is dedicated to sustainable clothing, beauty and footwear products.


    1. i knowww — it’s bad! if its any consolation, i also shop at everlane. 🙂

      1. Well, that’s good!! You can always try buying items that you know aren’t just trendy, but that fit your style so that you can wear them more than once. It will save you money in the long run and help the environment and everything else involved in the fashion industry 🙂

  7. You can never have enough “Ready to go fancy dresses!” because those surprise engagement parties, christenings etc etc just creep up on you. I NEVER find a dress when I am actually looking for one so I always try to have a spare ready to go just in case 😉

    1. i KNOW! every time i’m on the hunt for a dress, i can’t find one.