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f21 roundup | almost makes perfect

as promised, i’m going to start doing semi regular roundups of my favorite items at forever 21!

i want to start this column by saying i am not associated with the store, i just have an addiction. i also want to say that i am aware that there are many options for shopping small, sustainably + ethically. but i enjoy F21 and that’s about it. this blog is about fun + pretty things. and not much more than that. real talk!

muscle tank
/ sandals / sunglasses / denim shirt / overalls / boots / linen button down / maxi dress

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  1. You and me both sister! I have a running wishlist of thing I want from there but can’t bear to pull the trigger without seeing it in person first. That return policy is ridiculous!

  2. I just bought those boots but did not see them in black. ah! Tan boots were on my wish list anyway as I own too many black pairs. They are a great buy also just as cute in person!

  3. Aww yeah! Huaraches are totally in! I just got myself the lace trimmed black shorts from F21 similar to the ones pictured with the denim shirt.

  4. eh.. hurrah for the fun & the pretty things. high 5.
    we can’t be ethical & shit allllll the time.. x

  5. Awesome idea!! Every style roundup on most blogs has riculous stuff I can’t afford (and isn’t even from “small” stores *cough cough Topshop/Anthro etc*). Forever 21 has great stuff that’s perfect for seasonal trends and simple basics. If you pick the right stuff no one is the wiser .