tech tour: un-cluttering our living room

A downside of living with a boy is having technology all over the place. We have our huge tv (he wants even huger) mounted above the fireplace. We have an xbox kinect on the mantle. We have an apple tv. Thankfully, Gideon has taken steps to keep things as hidden as they can be.

We built these shelving units from Ikea for either side of the fireplace to keep everything inside.

We attached these branch pulls from Potterybarn.

We bought a relay for our cable box, that way we can keep the box behind the cabinet door and aim our remote at this little thing to control the tv. And next to that sits the apple tv. Why aren’t they making them white yet?! Obviously that has a lot of cords that have yet to be dealt with.

Inside the cabinet is a whole lot of mess. We left the backing off of the cabinet when we assembled so that it could be filled with cords like so.

The other cabinet holds all of our video game stuff. Yes, we have that much. Yes, we are both nerds.

I organized accordingly to the consoles with designer shoe boxes that were left in our garage.

The xbox kinect, like the apple tv, is obscenely black. But it’s very very fun.

Gideon used white duct tape to hide the cords on the mantle. You really can’t see the tape either.

The room looks fairly cordless for as… cordful as it is.

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  1. Paula Wielgus says:

    Love the duct tape idea!

  2. Stephanie Margolian says:

    Nice use of boy stuff! I want a (white) Kinect!!