printable valentines day treat bags

i did some printable bags like these years ago, and thought it was a cute simple project that would be fun to update! so i designed this sweet bag that i personally think would make someones day, especially filled with a treat.

printing directly onto the bags is pretty simple, but it does require a little patience to figure out what mode works best for your printer. i also included a printable guide to use!

printable valentines treat bags


4×6″ glassine bags
printer (this is a similar newer version of my discontinued model)
washi tape for printing
washi tape for bags

printable guide
“something sweet for someone sweet” printable design


print this guide onto a piece of copy paper. if your bags aren’t 4×6″, you’ll just need a guide of whatever size you’re using. 

tape your bag tightly onto the guide. two bags at a time doesn’t work well, that’s why you gotta do one at a time unfortunately!

washi tape works the best for easily removing without ripping your bags.

now, print my design onto the bag! you may have a couple inky ones and it may require some trial and error: more tape, or different print settings.

i tried a few settings before they started coming out well on the LOWEST DRAFT SETTINGS. maybe because the printer used less ink, but that worked best for me! every printer is different.

carefully remove the bags and print as many as you want! fill with something sweet and make someone happy!

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  1. Love the projects you dream up for your printer! So clever.