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printable letter to santa


now that arlo’s at the age he can write, i thought it would be so cute to make a little printable letter to santa for him to fill in — and your kids too! i kept it simple but fun and lots of prompts to make it personalized. i hope you enjoy :)

(and to be clear, he’s only 4 so i spelled out the words for him haha)

obsessed and keeping this forever!!
would love to see them in action, if you print one — please tag me :)

click here to download

as always, printables are for personal use only
not for sale or redistribution of any kind

for best results, download the file versus printing directly from your browser window

2 comments on “printable letter to santa”

  1. Just filled this out with my three year old, it’s so perfect, thank you! He asked for a harmonica that’s “not too crazy” which is a little bit easier than a jack o’lantern that spits out ghosts so good luck lol.

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