pretty everything : toilet brushes

in my lifelong battle to try to never buy ugly things, i’m going to try to do these roundups as more of a regular series (…have i said this before?) since we’re renovating the bathroom, i’ve been on the hunt for an attractive modern toilet brush, so of course i wanted to round up my favorites for you!

these range from around $10-$85 so there’s one for every budget (i decided to exclude one that was really handsome but $175 because i’m all about pretty things but honestly who would spend that.)

01. concrete toilet brush set $84
02. umbra charcoal free standing brush and holder $20
03. zone denmark ume toilet brush $70+
04. copper & green porcelain toilet brush $53
05. enamelware toilet brush set $42
06.  mayna free-standing toilet brush and holder $22
07.  toilet bowl brush and holder (in my favorite color!) $12
08. plunger and toilet with holster $13
09. ceramic lavender toilet brush $40
10. redecker wooden toilet brush set $50
11.  dip-san toilet brush holder (this one actually sanitizes the brush!) $30
12. iris hantverk birch wood toilet brush and holder $30

my toilet brush was from amara but seems to be sold out– they have some really good ones too.

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  1. is it weird that i loved seeing this post more than I should bc it reminds me of a new phase in our lives when it comes to adulting?


  2. Great list! IKEA’s white enudden is also a fave!

  3. Blair Onyekanne says:

    Bless you. Honestly, pretty cleaning products make our family want to clean more often.
    Just a thought — but I would love your perspective on attractive baby-proofing. From soft edge furniture to tips on keeping small things out of reach.

    1. Molly Madfis says:

      yes!! have been working on a post forever but need to finish it.

  4. Stephanie says:

    Oh my gosh, I have felt this struggle. I particularly like #8 above because it includes a plunger. (I live in a 100+ year old flat in San Francisco, and the plumbing is… temperamental.) Did you come across other pretty plunger options?

  5. Sarah Marie Masson says:

    I need to see what a $175 toilet brush cleaner looks like.

  6. It’d be awesome if you did a roundup of plungers.

  7. which one did you end up getting?