just essentials

just essentials

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i have this horrible habit of shopping at forever 21. i’ve been addicted since high school. but the other day when we did a load of laundry and noticed just how many clothes sitting out that weren’t dryer safe — i decided to try to call it quits. i’m an adult.

i am no longer buying stuff at forever 21 and h&m … ok that’s a lie. i will probably still buy certain things for last minute occasions. but i have another bad habit of wearing the same thing over and over. back when i was really going hard on f21 – i was in my early 20s and went out all the time and cared about having new clothes. well i’m almost 30. i no longer need disposable clothes, right?

i’ve decided to purge hard and only buy items that i truly love and that i can hopefully wear for many years. that’s the only way i can reason with myself to spend the extra money. i’ve decided that if i have a steady rotation, i really only need like :

— a half dozen nice tees
— 2 pairs of jeans
— a couple of button downs and sweaters
— a daytime bag
— a nighttime bag
— a couple of dresses (gonna just stick with black)
— a few favorite accessories that don’t turn my skin blue

btw – i bought that cuyana leather tote and am SO happy with it. i use it everyday. do you spend more on nicer items or buy disposables?

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  1. Oh god, I’m totally the same way. H&M / F21 all the time. My fingers turn green from their accesories and their clothing either shrinks [because my boyfriend threw it in the dryer] or I get sick of it and it turns into pyjamas / lounge wear. I’m totally an adult now too. I am with you on this. Mega purge in progress. 🙂

  2. I know just what you mean! I would really like to buy better-made, quality clothing pieces, but sadly my budget is very very tight and I never seem to be able to save up (and/or I spend all my money on DIYs!). I did manage to buy a new pair of sneakers this year, to replace the worn out pair that was 6 years old, and I bought a really good pair that was pricey and I LOVE them. Such a difference in comfort.

    1. omg before i bought the tote bag, i’d been carrying around a target pleather bag for so long that the black had turned grey. ewww.

      1. Eww indeed. Target stuff is not meant to last longer than one season (sadly).

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    1. SO CUTE! how do i get one of those striped shirts from you?!

  4. I have always been one to splurge on quality, it’s how my mother taught me, but it always left me buying five items a year. Only recently have I been buying more for less, at slightly less expensive stores. What I find the easiest is to know what’s necessary to invest in, and what isn’t. For example boots, coats, jeans are great to spend the extra bucks on, but tops, sandals, shorts are better to buy cheaply. Hope this helps your perspective!

  5. Yep, I know just how you feel. I’m going through the– I probably should start dressing like an adult since I actually won’t be forever twenty one. Thanks for the support. I’m with you on getting the good stuff and not living through disposables.

    Also, thanks again for the blog contribution!
    Hooray, you’re up on One, Another.

    You’re the best. Have a good week, Molly.

  6. I feel this. Someday when I have the money to do so I’d like to do a huge wardrobe purge since I too frequent forever 21 (but I’m only 22 so I guess it’s not so bad). I love “classic” styles and would LOVE to invest in some simple silver jewelry pieces. I have a few high-quality items (my red faux-leather jacket being my favorite), but most of the time I buy disposables, as I’m really gentle with clothes anyway so I get enough use out of them for my taste. Good luck in your quest! 🙂