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ok i’ve actually had multiple requests for this roundup– and tbh, this one was so hard!! tupperware, categorically, is not super stylish. but a few companies have really stepped up on designing some way more beautiful food storage container options than what used to exist, you just have to look really hard. well, you don’t– you have me.

01. inka world makes super elevated food storage responsibly!!
02. i love the design of these simple glass and white ones!
03. this pyrex set is actually so chic! i love this one.

01. simple wood and glass pyrex container set 
02. the prettiest BPA free lunch bowls by B&P
03. love the look of these bamboo and glass containers!
04. this anchor hocking bake and store set is oven safe too
05. loooove the color of these mixing bowls that can be doubled as food storage with their lids (DUH)
06. the little size of this clear glass bowl set is actually so helpful
07. the prettiest reusable sandwich bags by stasher— and in sooo many pretty colors!
08. this is a nice looking rubbermaid set! we use rubbermaid ones but these are better looking.
09. just like that last set but IN WHITE!
10. joseph joseph nest lock plastic container set
11. i love these cuisinart glass containers with bamboo lids
12. these aren’t technically tupperware but because of the lids i’m including them! we use this rosti mepal bowl set and love them so much, they’re microwave safe too
13. enamel splatter containers! love these.
14. another pretty simple wood + glass set!
15. obv not my color scheme but this guzzini set is really pretty.

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  1. I loveeee your pretty everything series. Thank you!

  2. I have a Pyrex set like the one you show in the second photo (before the round up). I have the colorful set (so not quite as cool looking) but I love these so much! Much easier to clean than the kind that have the inner seal ring. The lid is just one piece of plastic that you can wash in the dishwasher. No weird nooks or crannies for food to get lodged in. Also the containers don’t have any sort of lip so they look like regular bowls without the lid on, you can even use them as serving bowls without feeling too cringey. Only downside is they’re not as airtight as other options, but the elegant look and easy of cleaning out weigh that for me. It’s probably weird to be this passionate about left over containers but after going through so many duds I really appreciate these haha.

  3. Can you do one of the for pantry storage? I’ve been on the lookout for pretty and functional flour and sugar containers