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neutral frame tv digital art

i did a post on my thoughts and FAQ about the samsung frame tv, so i also wanted to round up some really beautiful inexpensive art options. the best part about the TV is how easily you can swap out the art so you can essentially “redecorate” it as often as you want to. 

both of our frame TVs have the beige bezel. it’s an additional $100-200 but it goes with our decor way better. we got both ours on amazon, but they also go on sale pretty frequently on ebay. we have a 50″ in our bedroom and a 65″ in our living room. 

there is an art subscription service in the samsung store, where you’re able to download art and they have tons of options, but it’s either $6/month or $25 per art piece, i’ve found way less expensive options just scouring etsy. spending $5 on a piece of art feels much lower commitment if you do end up wanting to swap them out regularly. 

i found lots of beautiful digital art, everything is $20 or less and fits in with neutral and modern and boho decor.

vintage seascape $2.50

summer poolside art $4

abstract art $2.50

textured art $4

beach seascape $2.50

vintage seascape $2.50

vintage seascape $2.50

neutral watercolor $5 

dried grass $5

abstract horizon art $5

pampas grass $5

black and white cactus art $10

neutral squiggle art $5.25

desert canyon $5

abstract painting $7

modern arch $6

beige squiggles $5

brown abstract art $5

minimal ocean $10

black squiggle $5

format $20

half moons $6

abstract watercolor $4

beach cliffs $10

abstract cactus $5

brown squiggle $5

desert mountains $6

beach chairs $10

palm springs $10

squiggles $5

death valley $6

paths $20

geo sun $8

palm leaves $10

sand $20

arizona $10


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  1. These are all so beautiful. Thank you for putting this list together!

  2. Molly,
    These are all so beautiful! I love them so much! Can you confirm if these Digital Downloads would be able to be used for printing/framing in addition to the Frame TV? I don’t have a Frame TV yet, so I’m curious because these are great and I’d love to support by purchasing if possible to traditionally frame, too.

  3. Do you know the maker of the “abstract painting”? The link doesn’t seem to bring up a listing. Such a good roundup!