pretty everything : good looking clothes hampers

modern attractive laundry hampers for you! quite a lot of rattan ones but they’re all kinda different from one another lol. i hope one of these makes doing your laundry more beautiful and enjoyable 🙂

and ps how had i not done a hamper roundup yet?!

01. lidded hamper / the little market ($168)
02. wooden handle hamper / west elm ($200)
03. sedona white hamper / crate & barrel ($120)
04. jute laundry basket / h&m ($35)
05. rattan hamper with cotton liner / amazon ($115)
06. savannah seagrass handcrafted round hamper / potterybarn ($169)
07. bamboo soft closet double hamper / west elm ($65)
08. steele divided laundry cart / crate & barrel ($150)
09. bamboo divided hamper with liner / amazon ($70)
10. zen divider bamboo hamper / container store ($169)
11. white wash tava hamper / potterybarn ($169)
12. natural wicker hamper / crate & barrel ($89)
13. seaton round woven hamper / crate & barrel ($119)
14. cotton rope laundry hamper / amazon ($37)
15. vertical lines woven seagrass basket / west elm ($130)
16. palm leaf laundry hamper / parachute home ($169)
17. merchant silver woven hamper / crate & kids ($89)
18. white wash tava handwoven rattan divided hamper / potterybarn ($189)

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  1. I love the look of the rattan ones, but does anyone else feel like they just absorb dirty clothing smells (or if your hubby puts in a wet towel after you’ve told him not to 1 million times….) and they the smell just doesnt go away? I felt like even the ones with the liners I was replacing constantly. I just bought a tall plastic laundry basket and use that now. Easy to clean.

  2. claire le says:

    never stop this series plz

  3. We bought the Crate and Barrel Sedona one and love it! It matches some shorter baskets we got for cheap at Homegoods! It killed me to spend $120 on a freaking laundry hamper but it looks so good and the liner makes it so easy to pull out clothes to lug down to the laundry room.