payday [ + bday ] wishlist

my birthday is next week, so while every wish list is things i want – this one’s different because it’s like more real. or something.

this weekend, i’m going to try and finally tackle down at least one wedding DIY and hopefully address all of our wedding envelopes if they actually arrive in the mail! hope you have a great weekend!

payday [& bday] wishlist

01 | anyone have a problem with gold watches fading?! i need a replacement that doesn’t wear so hard.
02 | i have no need for more stuff unless it’s super good looking like this lamp. (that’s a good rule, right?)
03 | obsessed with this cactus print by polly rowan
04 | is this not the perfect casual summertime daytime dress ?!
05 | my headphones broke, and while i really want a fancy pair, i’m not spending $$. these would do.
06 | i need a new wallet, and i’m thinking a zipper pouch is the best way to make me actually throw away receipts and dentist appointment reminder cards

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  1. That Cactus print is pretty cool. Kind of reminds me of those thumbprint art kits, where you can make animals from your thumbprint and a colored pens.

  2. Omg that cactus print is every thing! Think I need it too. Happy early birthday!!

  3. I’ve had my eye on that dress too for awhile. Love how simple and casual it is. Happy early birthday!

  4. Thanks so much for the lovely feature! Your blog is gorgeous.

  5. Love that choice in dress. I think I’ve discovered Lou & Grey for you. Their clothes are so chic and relaxed!

    Refined Lately