diy fauxdenza

we have a wall that is shaped like an L.

and it’s right there when you walk in. like first thing you see.

first anna on door sixteen did it. then the brick house added really good wood to hers. well i wanted one too.

a fauxdenza is ikea kitchen cabinets mounted onto the wall, which then becomes a floating credenza.

see the weird wall? after some planning, the math said we could fit two 36×18″ cabinets with 6″ on either side. i would have liked to fit 10 more, but this still adds a good amount of storage.


2 akurum wall cabinets (36″ x 18″)
4 applad doors
integral hinges
1 akurum suspension rail
a really long piece of wood

anyway – all you do is mount the cabinets onto the wall following ikea directions.

our suspension rail was about 4 inches too long i think, so it had to be sawed down to the correct length.
make sure the cabinets sit level while shimming to correct any non-wall-flushing-ness. as much as you can anyway. our wood covered the imperfections.

after some serious wood drama for a few WEEKS, we went with a really nice piece of walnut from house of hardwood. they had to custom order us a piece that was long and deep enough (13″ sounds easier to find than it is.) we had them cut the three pieces for us at something crazy like 71 29/32″ long and the side pieces 17 3/4″.

i danish oiled the wood and it turned out super rich and preeeetty.

boyfriend then drilled some pilot holes into the inside before attaching six 1″ screws on the sides to keep it in place while i helped tremendously by holding the side pieces in place for the butt joint.

check that thing OUT.

… when we finally finished, we were both like this:

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  1. Liz | Grey and Scout says:

    Love it!

  2. this is so so so good! i love the wood you chose. it looks perfect.

  3. stephanie says:

    Hi there! This is incredible! But, which AKURUM cabinet is this? I can’t seeem to find the same dimmensions you quote here. btw- best one I’ve seen. Well done!

  4. Great job! How much was the walnut hardwood?

  5. Wow this looks amazing. I LOVE it. And it gives you so much surface space! Such a great idea! And so Carrie Bradshaw-looking. 🙂

  6. This has solved one of my upcoming problems. How to “hide” a twin bed. I’ll be able to push the bed up against the wall under the floating cabinet, maybe with a bench cushion up against it. Makes the bed a couch during the day and then can be pulled out from the wall when needed as a bed! Thanks for the idea!!!

  7. Love your hack! Can you tell me about the black and white framed print…?
    Even the frame matches the credenza!, well done!

  8. Why do you never answer questions?

    1. sorry hannah! i try to do my best to answer the questions, but as the posts get older (this is from 2 years ago) it gets harder to catch up between my day jobs and the blog.

  9. Berengere says:

    Well done! How much did you end up paying for the wood pieces? I have been having a hardtime finding that part! Or prices are demented. Thanks for your answer!

  10. Not quite sure, why U did not buy all from IKEA.
    if you look in the catalog,,, you can purchase it all.

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  12. We’re wanting to do something similar. We’re curious why everyone uses the kitchen cabinets from Ikea for fauxdenza’s and not the Besta TV boxes. Thoughts?

    1. hi heather, it’s because back when i did this in 2013 — bestas weren’t out yet.

  13. M Quattro says:

    It looks great, I love it… but not as much as that YouTube clip! ?

  14. Stunning! I’ve been wanting to do exactly this, with walnut top & sides, and you’ve shown me the finished product. Thank you! Very well done!