it’s the 100th post!

WOO! Because of it being the 100th post and because I’m about to turn 3 years from 30 in a few weeks – I thought I’d make a life bucket list for myself. (I decided to add a few that I could check off, and I may add to it all the time)

Okay, here goes…

– sit courtside at a celtics game

hold carole kings hand

– have our house featured on apartment therapy

– buy a house

– have our new house featured on apartment therapy

– not be afraid to open a bottle of champagne

meet the love of my life

– travel to paris with the love of my life

– eat at french laundry

eat at chez pannisse

– eat at le bernardin

– learn how to use my camera manually

– learn how to do an updo

– cook a turkey for thanksgiving

– cook something from my momofuku cookbook

– see the cherry blossoms in japan

– meet martha stewart

– be totally content with every room in my house

– learn to use a sewing machine (again)

– take a calligraphy class

– take a sushi making class

– not be afraid of sharks

– write a brilliant rom-com

– grow out my bangs

– wear high heels (and mean it)

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  1. I love this post, and I REALLY love you. And also, hi. I’m usually shy around blogs but when you blog I feel amazing and I wanted to share. Ugh this is so public. Ugh! LOVE YOU!!