happy thanksgiving

ginny branch

i’m taking off for the rest of the week to celebrate and eat. we’re having thanksgiving at my moms, who lives very close by, so firstly i’m thankful for almost never having to go on an airplane for the holiday. today we’re cooking some side dishes to bring over (my boyfriend makes the best stuffing ever).

and for the cheesy portion : i just wanted to also say that while i’m obviously very thankful for the people and cats in my life and all the love, support and laughs they provide me. but this year i’m also really thankful for this blog and you, the readers. having this space has done so much for me, developing my skills, challenging myself to the point of many a tantrum, being comfortable with who i am, and hopefully inspiring others. its the feedback that makes me feel like i do all this work for a reason. and if i can make people feel happy and motivated, i’m happy and motivated too.

ok ok enough. have a great holiday if you’re in the states, and if you’re elsewhere — sorry for all the boring thanksgiving posts.

photo by ginny branch

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