payday wishlist

the holidays are here! while i am actually jewish, i am in loooove with christmas. there’s something about pajamas and lots of food and the smell of the tree and wrapped presents. omg i love it.

after i begged gideon not to, he bought grand theft auto 5. and now as i predicted, all i want to do is play it. this is causing my blog posts to go up late every day this week, and i’m way behind on DIYs. so this weekend i am determined to play MORE of it so i can become less obsessed. because that’s possible right? it’s really bad. all i want to do is take a week off and sit in bed playing it eating hamburgers. hope you have way more productive weekend plans!

holiday wishlist

one . i’m determined to make some ornaments this year, and these geometric gold leaf ornaments are very inspiring
two . the holidays definitely bring out the glitter side in everyone right? normally these placemats would be too girly for me, but not 2 months a year.
three . shanna murray did some dishes for west elm, and my favorite is definitely this pumpkin pie dish
four . i find most stockings hideous, but these ones make me think of christmas in the beverly hills hotel
five . obsessed with the smell of the tree, so candles that smell like christmas trees are OK WITH ME.
six . target has a huge array of cheap and modern stag heads that i’m loving

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  1. Shanna Murray creates such amazing things – love that pie dish

  2. So glad to hear another girl has video game obsession as bad as I do! 🙂

  3. Oh Molly, I totally relate. For me it’s Diablo III. Ever since my beau made me play, I’ve been totally hooked. I still manage to get my DIYs done (most of the time), but the housework has really fallen behind. Ew.