how to make a simple nature collage

i’ve been making so many projects over on instagram but trying to keep up with the blog too! i’ve been making videos of some of my favorite projects so i’ll just be sharing the videos here, they’re usually more helpful than photos anyway. and waaay more soothing. anyway, i made this simple nature collage that i’ve hung in the window and it makes me so happy, even though it’s browned a bit since this pic!

all you need is clear contact paper and foraged florals, leaves, sticks, whatever you see! take a walk, collect some pretty leaves, lay out a piece of contact paper sticky side up. add the florals as you see fit, and lay down another piece of contact paper sticky side down. trim your edges and hang in your window. 


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  1. Love it! Going to make a fall theme one right now. How clever of you to come up with this idea.