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sunday morning | almost makes perfect

if you follow me on snapchat, you may have seen the 72 videos of our NEW CAT. last week when my dad was in town for his birthday, we walked into an adoption center which we probably shouldn’t have done, because i met a little girl i fell head over heels for — and well a few days later we got her home with us! she’s half ragdoll half persian long hair and she’s 6 pounds and she’s so freaking sweet. we’re in love. she belonged to a hoarder who was caught with 120 cats and they all got adopted out but she was kept as evidence until a month ago! i’m so happy we found her. and btw gid is so cute, he said yes to adopting her just based on a photo i sent him. 

so we’re going to spend the weekend mostly getting her adjusted and introducing her to the boring old news cats… wish us luck! and follow me on snapchat (almostmakesperf) if you like cute cats. if you don’t… i wouldn’t recommend it. we’re also going to have a celebratory dinner because gid got a promotion at work! lots to be happy about. have a good weekend!

37 celebrities dining rooms (naomi + lievs is so dreamy)
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i love this statement necklace
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i’ve never been a huge fan of steve miller but this is amazing


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  1. Hi there, it appears the last three links all go to Paige’s nursery