birthday cats

say what you will. i’m totally obsessed with these cats that live in my house and it was a year ago that i watched them being born. maybe witnessing that has something to do with this whole maternal thing i feel for them? well today is their birthday! they really look nothing like this now, but looking at photos of when we first took them home makes my eyes and heart and hands swell up. oh man. oh mannn.

jean cocteau is right. i’ve never even had a cat before and they have changed my life and house and heart, too. when i have kids, this will all change i’m sure, but they’re the closest thing i have to babies and i treat them like it.

* happy birthday lucy and bodhi!

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  1. this is exactly how i feel about my howard (my 8pound bichon frise/toy poodle mix) he is absolutely my heart and my pampering of him knows no limits because he deserves it – he makes me incredibly happy. aren’t pets the best?!