happy early weekend

i’m taking off early this week because we’re heading to new orleans today for our anniversary celebration! so excited. i’ll be back monday but you can follow with our trip on instagram!

and speaking of instagram — i wanted to share the news with you that you i shared there, we bought a house! we did the inspection this week, and as long as everything from this point on goes smoothly, we’ll be getting our keys in less than a month. we are ecstatic! there are so many things i want to do to it, so lets all get mentally prepared for some major makeovers coming this way.

⋅ obsessed with these garlands, i wanna put them everywhere
⋅ this is pretty damn cute 
⋅ if you’ve got a cat and flower, do this right now
⋅ cute way to pretty up old picture frames
⋅ this is my husband, but with a lot less swearing
⋅ cute little DIY bumpkin leggings
⋅ i’m kinda scared to check mine
⋅ our new backyard is all dirt, been scouring the internet for inspiration

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  1. My husband and I are going to be celebrating our first Anniversary in May and we have plans to visit New Orleans! I’ll definitely be following you on Instagram about it!

  2. thanks for sharing our leggings DIY! And I agree with Amy’s garlands – I want them everywhere! xo

  3. Have fun in New Orleans! Love that garland from Homey Oh My!

  4. Have a lovely time. We have a long weekend over here in Australia this weekend so I’m pretty excited about mine too