france pt 1 : the south

we spent the first half of our trip in the south, staying in a villa in a little town called oppede. we spent our days day tripping to the surrounding towns, visiting the daily markets, looking at the insane views, and eating AMAZING food. it was a totally different trip than paris, which i’ll be posting pics of next.

OPPEDE-LE-VIEUX was a tiny town that we hiked to the top of. lots of views and ruins.

GORDES was one of my favorite towns. the market there was incredible, the views were insane, and the tall medieval buildings and hilly streets made me feel like i was in another time period.

i wanted that african mudcloth so bad, but it was a lot out of my price range.

all the towns were scenic and adorable. we were also near a million cherry orchids and lavender fields.

this was the kind of stuff we ate from the market.

the cherries there were the beesssst i’ve ever had.

i loved the south of france. i also loved paris. posting photos asap!

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  1. Ahhhh I love Provence! That picture of Bonnieux is insane. I’ve been to most of the places on the list, but never to Bonnieux. I might have just spent 30 minutes Googling it, haha.

    I also had the best cherries I’ve ever had when I was in Lacoste. I hope you got some canteloupe while you were in Provence as well…they have striped melons that are the juiciest, sweetest, best tasting canteloupe I’ve ever had.

    Just wondering — what shoes did you wear while traveling around?

    1. + omg how did i forget to mention the melon?! it really was amazing! we never actually day tripped to bonnieux, but just had a dinner there ( which was probably our worst meal on the whole trip sadly ) but the town itself was insane!

      when we were being active, i just wore slip ons, but most of the trip i wore my sandals, so my feet are now covered in crazy tan lines and blisters!

    1. + aww thank you rachel

  2. oh this looks like such an amazing vacation! (coincidentally, i was doing a search for something on your blog and came across your bucket list – and i think this trip allows you to cross something off your list 🙂

    1. + omg i totally forgot about that! thank you so much for reminding me!!!