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five round coffee tables


five round coffee tables | almost makes perfect

i shared on instagram that we got a new sofa — i’m in loooove with it, and i also love our coffee table, but now that we have this big old sectional, i think we need a round table instead. it’s really hard to navigate around it and it’s just making the space feel cramped. so even though i’ve never been a huge fan of round tables, i’ve been on the hunt for one and i think all five of these are super cute. i’m definitely leaning towards the cb2 shroom table — which is your favorite? halp!


4 comments on “five round coffee tables”

  1. We love our shroom table, but what we don’t love is all the stains it’s gotten in the three months since we bought it :(
    The concrete surface is very pale and very porous, so in spite of being covered in coasters and place mats during a party, we had some random wet spots that turned into stains. We covered it in a protective wax (which unfortunately detracts from the look) and yet, still, stains! We waited a long time to buy this seemingly perfect coffee table (we also bought it during CB2’s thanksgiving sale where everything is an extra 15% off) , but in good judgment I would only recommend it if it won’t see heavy use.

  2. I have #5 actually and while I love how it looks, it has this lipped edge that can be kind of annoying if you are every a super lazy person that occasionally eats dinner at the coffee table like me. =)

    All that said – numbero tres is probably my favorite above!

  3. I have been obsessed with the shroom table for a while but for some reason I picture myself banging my shins into it in the middle of the night!

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