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faux flowers that look real

if you know me you know i like faux – they last forever and sometimes they can look incredibly convincing! i love fresh flowers but i’m too frugal to buy them regularly but i love to have flowers around the house so faux is win win!

if you don’t have the budget to regularly buy flowers, faux flowers are now a really good substitute. the faux flowers nowadays are not your mamas faux flowers. well i don’t really know actually. i’m just assuming, but i didn’t actually buy faux flowers when i was a baby.

anyway, we gathered up a lot of gorgeous faux flowers that look convincingly real, and i sort of want ALL OF THEM.

someday i’ll have the energy and budget to buy them all to compare for you, but for now we went off the ones i have along with others with good customer reviews


artificial silk hydrangea stems

i have these and people always think they’re real!


artificial silk poppies in pink

have these on my dining room table a lot!


artificial silk poppies in white

and i have these on my nightstand!


small tulip bundle

really pretty bunch of peach tulips that’s well reviewed


fake lilacs in cream

i love how delicate these look! gorgeous.


blush Peach Dahlia Silk Flower

also well reviewed and on sale right now!


Real Touch Faux Ranunculus in Peach

the shape and color of these are both perfect


Orange Real Touch Fake Poppy Flower

i love the look of this faux poppy


Cream White Artificial Dahlia Flower

another beautiful and very convincing dahlia


Nantucket Blue Real Touch Hydrangea

been into blue hydrangea lately! these are so pretty and remind me of new england summers


Real Touch Blush Peony

the petals and color variation on these are so realistic!


Yellow Artificial Sunflower

very convincing sunflowers


Real Touch Hydrangea in White

more beautiful hydrangea


Faux Anemone White Stem

pretty faux anemones seem rare but these look so good and are one of my favorite all time flowers

what to look for in faux flowers


the best faux flowers have different shades like fresh flowers do.


real flowers are imperfect and your faux ones should be too. look for a mix of blooms and buds.

realistic stems

if they look super plastic-y from far away, it’s a dead giveaway that they’re fake.


search for silk or “real-touch” flowers and make sure they have wired stems so you can bend them to look more realistic.

how to make faux flowers look better

when you first get them, faux flowers always look a little scary and sometimes, quite UGLY.

to make them look more natural, i always curve the stems and fluff out the petals. kind of like you’re fluffing out your hair.

you’ll also probably have to bend or cut the stems to get them to fit nicely in a vase, and sometimes i remove excess leaves just to tidy them up and fit them in the vase a little better. also i usually wrap up the stems with a rubber band to make it easier for bundling. and if you’re putting them in a clear vase, add water!

you can kind of see how i do all this in my video here

pretty vases to put your flowers in

a beautiful vase instantly upgrades a faux bouquet. here are a few that i love!

amber interiors

paper mache vase

pottery barn

nana white vase

and i shared even more vases here!

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  1. Big fan of afloral. I got my wedding bouquet flowers there (which ended up saving a ton of money thanks to 2 covid weddings), and we still have them around the house. The dahlias, peonies and beige rose were great – having the dense layering of petals helps them keep a good shape.