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so like, spring is here. yeah yeah i suppose it’s been here, but it seems like the time we should stock up on summer stuff, right? ok. good. i’m glad we’re all in agreement on this. and most importantly… how cute is the swimsuit? it might look horrible on my larger chest but i am buying it anyway because yolo.

swimsuit / blouse / sandals / hat / crop top / tote / cuff set / shift dress

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  1. I LOVE that swimsuit ! But also have a large chest . If you get it, will you let us know how it fits??

    1. Emily I’m 5’8″ size 6 with a 34C cup size and I bought the large. It’s definitely a lot of cleavage ha, but I like how it fits. I would recommend trying it on first before you buy it.

      1. i’m 5’1″ and have a 34D, i stupidly bought the small, which fit — but was pretty tight on my shoulders, so i ended up exchanging for the medium instead. it’s definitely not the MOST flattering on my chest, but it’ll do because i love the suit!

  2. Love ur F21 Faves post! U have a truly good eye to find very nice pieces. Could you maybe try a go to the UK site? I want to buy everything but I can’t find the same items in the British page. \O/



    1. thanks jana! i would try searching by the name of the product? hopefully that works!

  3. Just ordered the swimsuit and Dolman top! Can’t wait… I’ll let you know how the swimsuit fit is!

  4. Ha I just bought that swimsuit the other day for a music festival. I love it! P.S. your blog is super rad 🙂

  5. Ha I just bought that swimsuit the other day for a music festival! I love it! P.S. Your blog is super rad 🙂