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diy geo cufflinks

diy geo cufflinks  |  almost makes perfect

father’s day is fast approaching — and even though cufflinks are pretty passé, they’re an easy little gift you can make for your dad or baby daddy this year. they must have ONE shirt that needs ’em right?! these little babies are so easy to make that i’m posting a whole other cufflink DIY tomorrow!

geo clay cufflinks


tacky glue
polymer clay
xacto knife
gold cufflinks

diy geo cufflinks


01 | preheat oven to 275°. cut your clay into small squares or circles and hold up to your cufflinks to make sure they’re a little bigger than the cufflink surface to make sure you can trim down.

02 | keep your clay cold, so try not to condition it or rub your hands on it too much. as long as it’s cold – you can use your xacto blade to make small slices all around in every direction to create an organic geo shape.

03 | bake for about 10 – 15 minutes and let cool. once cooled, glue onto your cufflinks and let dry for a few hours!

diy geo cufflinks

and come back tomorrow for one more DIY cufflink project!


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  1. This is SO great! A Father’s Day project that isn’t lame … ha ha. Anyway – where did you find the plain gold cufflinks? Thanks for the tutorial! Love the blog! 🙂

  2. I am allllll up in the polymer clay crafts right now. Simple and chic!

  3. j’adore ! je vais reprendre l’idée si tu le permet pour la monter en bague

  4. Awesome! My hubby used to wear cufflinks to work all the time, but his new job is super casual… I need to get invited to a wedding or something so I can make him these.

  5. Katherine says:

    Just wanted to say that these work good as earrings too! Also–I discovered that putting the balls in the freezer for a few min before you start cutting them really helps!