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blogzilla launch + free fonts


the shop is live today! if you’re looking for a new blog theme – please go check us out! 

+ AND i’m offering 10% off all themes for readers for the week! enter promo code : BLOGPERFECT (expires on friday october 11)

blogzilla is open

also – if you’re holding off to win a free theme in the giveaway, if the winner has already purchased a theme, they will receive add-on customizations for the amount of the theme price!

to celebrate the launch, i decided to round up some of my favorite free fonts … of the moment. my taste changes constantly. enjoy!

favorite free fonts - almost makes perfect

questrial / salome / museo slab / antonio / justus / montserrat / deming / varela round


11 comments on “blogzilla launch + free fonts”

  1. Wow, these are so beautiful! Congrats on your shop launch! I would be all over these…if I hadn’t just purchased a new theme 3 weeks ago. Lamers.

  2. wooo! I’ve been waiting for this for weeks! now, i just have to decide which one to purchase. I want them all!!!!!!

  3. So gorgeous! If I already have wordpress installed can I still just get a custom pin it button? I’ve never found a plugin to work and it’s been so frustrating! Would love to have button from you.

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