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payday wishlist


well not that i’ve let you forget — but blogzilla launches monday! so i’ve got a busy weekend getting everything ready for the shop.

i’m also going to the farmers market and making something very VERY delicious for the blog. it’s a secret. sorry. this wasn’t worth mentioning at all i guess.

payday wishlist // 58

one . how pretty are these nesting rings?!
two . love these booties. when will it GET COLD ALREADY DAMMIT
three . geo wire lamps are really popular nowadays yes – but this one is my current favorite.
four . such pretty and simple little flash drives from leif shop
five . i have an iphone4. and this case is just for 5. so can someone else buy it because i want it real bad.
six . i’m not a huge bar cart person because it always seems like extra furniture. i think i’d make an exception for this target one — yes target!

+ have a great weekend!!!

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