our bed is on the floor.

see? we got rid of our old bedframe because i didn’t want the cats to hide from us underneath. and while it’s fine having the bed right on the floor, i have been thinking a headboard or bedframe might make the room a little more finished looking.

the usual dilemma, i don’t want to spend any money on it. and beds are expensive! here are a few modern ones low to high. ( ikea is really the only place with cheap beds i could find )

one / two / three / four / five / six

the cats were posing. i had to take a photo.

+ our really damaged blanket is from joinery and unfortunately out of stock. i wanted a new one in a new color since the cats have ruined it. very sad.

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  1. Seriously, you need to get out of my head! I have a post on beds scheduled to go live this week, though I may push it to next week, and the IKEA nordli is one of the beds I’ve narrowed it down to too! I love the shape and design of it and you can’t beat the price…the only thing is I wish it came in a walnut finish :-/

    And I love your blanket! I’ll have to check out joinery to see what othe styles thy might have…though I recently picked up a vintage Hudson Bay Point blanket that I’ve wanted forEVER.

    Really like the look and feel of your bedroom–feels bright and airy!

    1. + i want a hudson bay one! my boyfriend thinks it’s too scratchy. of course.
      and i know. why doesn’t the nordli come in a wood finish?! tell me if you get one!

    1. West Elm has one that I’m in love with but West Elm bed slays don’t have a great reputation for lasting….apparently, given the forums I’ve seen, they break easily :-/ too bad!

    2. + i think i might even be too cheap for west elm sometimes!

    1. + i know i love it! i keep checking the website to see if it comes back in stock but it never does. 🙁

  2. I just wanted to let you know that you should *definitely* get a bedframe. I know having the box spring right on the floor seems okay, but I did that for about three yeas and when we moved I found that there were a few staples on the bottom of the box spring that had scraped the heck out of my wood floor.

    At least put a rug or something under there!