bangs. bangs! baaaaangs.

i’ve spent the last year growing out my side swept bangs that i had for probably the last 8 years. and now that they’re finally grown out, i feel very naked and styleless. so i think it’s time to get a new style going up on my head. ( much to the dismay of my boyfriend who does not approve of this decision )

i have pretty wavy hair so i’m thinking bangs would shape out my little face well. let’s hope. OH GOD I HOPE I WON’T REGRET THIS. anyway – here are some pretty bangs!

“i wish i went to my high school reunion, but i was growing out my bangs.
i’m always growing out my bangs. don’t get bangs.”
anna faris in what’s your number

+ did you see what’s your number? i loved that movie more than most people. and yes i just quoted what’s your number. and yes, i’m a huge dork.

anyway – trying to get these bangs going asap. PLEASE TELL ME IF THIS IS A BAD IDEA!

(images 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 )

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  1. i have had bangs for the last year or more and have def been glad i took the plunge. (i too had long wavy hair and long side swept bangs.) i have recently started kind of growing them out but am already feeling like i need to just keep them! def makes your hair feel like it has a style, but you can still pretty much do everything that you would do w regular long hair.

  2. Bangs, bangs, bangs, bangs, bangs, bangs, bangs, bangs! I love bangs. I’m in the middle of growing mine out because I was terrible at getting them cut. I have wavy hair as well, and I always liked that my straight bangs gave a little bit of visual interest. Different textures working together= awesome.