back to school shopping

because a lot of kids are going back to school or starting preschool– i wanted to do a little roundup of cute neutral lunchboxes, backpacks, bento boxes, water bottles etc.

of course i had to include our favorite clothing stamp i’ve used since arlo started preschool and some very cute little scratch off lunch notes!

should i do another one of these for older kids who need actual school supplies toooooo?? let me know if so! 

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  1. THANK YOU!! The sleeping mat says not available anymore!! ? know of anything similar??

  2. erin marie says:

    Definitely yes for older kids too! ?

  3. Do you have a sign of 1st day of Kindergarten? Printable and editable?

  4. For the fabric stamp, what size and font did you order. Obvs, the one you’ve featured is way cuter than the designs offered in the shop. I believe I recall you ordered something custom (??). TIA!