2016 goals

happy new year! i’m finaaaally back. i’ve been back from mexico for a week, but needed one more week off so i could really step away and take a break (and my day job has also been a bit nuts getting back.) but i’m happy to be back in the swing of things, and ready to get back into a normal routine where i’m not a little stress ball at all times.

even though i don’t really make resolutions on new years, i try to evaluate the good and bad of the year, and things i could definitely improve on — because even just noticing is maybe a step in the right direction. so here are my goals for this year.


while i know most of you would love one DIY pumped out after another, i really don’t think i’ll be able to provide that until many things change. right now, i really try to make useful and beautiful DIYs, and even if they’re not all winners – i try as hard as i can to make sure they all are.

one thing i learned from the reader survey was that you guys love the lifestyle posts, and want this blog to feel more personal. i’m hoping to not only do more personal posts, but explore all kinds of posts, and as promised – feature behind the scenes, home decor, beauty posts, and more recipes. it’ll be fun right?!

it’s really hard to do a 5 day a week posting schedule given my 2 day a week job, but if i can be really disciplined, i can try to get ahead of schedule which always helps.

it’s been even harder since my husbands job moved across town, because i now see him for about 3-4 hours a day, so when i’m with him on the weekends – i don’t want to have to work. so it’s a matter of really using the time during the week that i have to concentrate.

there have been a couple hiccups in fixing up the studio, but i’m trying to be positive and just focus on the end result. i’m hopeful that having a separate space for working will do wonders not only for my productivity but for the quality of the blog too.

2016 goals | almost makes perfect


obviously when you move into a new house, your mind goes crazy with all the things you want to do — i think this is especially overwhelming when you’ve been renting your whole life. so i’m trying to find balance and for us to prioritize realistically to do one thing at a time. the two things we want to do most are the kitchen and to start working on our front and backyard. because el niño is here, i think this is a good excuse to focus on the inside until the spring — and then work on the outside. and try to stay sane while doing it.

my husband has diagnosed me with hyper vigilance, it’s hard for me to turn off my mental to-do list even when i’m sitting around watching TV. i get stressed out pretty easily, and it doesn’t help that i am always juggling three jobs. i’m really hoping that i can teach myself to truly chill and i’d enjoy my weekends way more.

it’s really not easy or realistic to travel a lot, but weekend getaways are always really good for my creative juices and for our marriage too — we took them all the time before we got married, but since then, we’ve like totally stopped, and i want to try to start them again every few months.

i have a tendency to get really worked up when i’m anxious and there are a lot of little shitty things piling up, especially right now with the new house and all the fun new expenses that come with it. i’m trying so hard to be grateful for the good things in those hard moments, and look at how much little things help. gid and i used to have a daily fight about who would get up to make coffee. literally daily. for our wedding we got a nespresso machine, and once we moved into the house we finally unpacked it — at first i thought it was way too wasteful and way too big of an expense to start using it daily, but when i let go and saw how much less we fought about who would make the coffee and also how much better the coffee is, the extra $100 a year seems super freaking worth it. it’s just a little thing like that to make a big difference in happiness levels, so it’s worth it.

that’s about all i’ve got right now — hoping 2016 is the best year yet for me personally and for my marriage, and for the blog as well. what are your resolutions?!

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  1. I like your goal of “weekend trips.” I get very down during those bleak winter months, with all the cold and darkness. Little weekend getaways help elevate my mood and get me through to spring with a better attitude.

    1. i know! its crazy how 2 days away can totally reenergize you.

  2. laurennnn says:

    so my coworker told me about the “2s” rule and i really like it but haven’t even bothered putting it into practice…

    -every 2 weeks, go on a date
    -every 2 months, go away for a weekend
    -every 2 years, take a big trip

    nice idea tho right?

  3. Spring B. says:

    I just wanted you to know that, as a devoted reader, I’d much rather you stick to the amazing, thoughtful DIYs you create right now — and post less often as a result — than see you kill yourself to post every weekday. I follow many DIY blogs, and yours never fails to impress. On a more personal note, this space is such a place of joy for me, and I think it’s important for you to care for yourself first so it can remain that way… spend time with your husband, do your job, breathe and sleep and travel, and your blog readers will be waiting when you bring us the next wonderful post. You really are so talented, and I appreciate the time you take to share your creative ideas. I know I’m only one voice, but with that one voice, I say don’t worry about being or doing more than you are now — you’re great. 🙂

    1. thank you so much for this, spring! we’re all so quick to criticize what we’re doing wrong vs right so it helps so much to read this comment. i’m really glad that i can make a space where you find any joy at all – and i’m so thankful for this comment and you ! xx

  4. Happy New Year Molly. I can’t wait to see your house turns out you have an amazing eye and I can’t wait to see what you do with your new place. I just recently moved to California and I hear ya i’ve been going nuts trying to get our place ready. But just tackle one task at a time and reward yourself with a nice weekend getaway. 🙂 Best of luck .


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