15 unique things to have your kids art printed on

there are so many ways to get your kids art printed nowadays — once i went down the loophole i started finding so many things that i wanted to print for grandparent (and parent) (and even the kid himself) gifts!!! so i rounded up 15 of my favorites. i love all of these!!

a custom sweatshirt that comes in a bunch of colors!! ($64)

an embroidered hat! $34

kids drawing t-shirts! they come in kids and adult sizes (and start at $15!!!)

a sweet throw pillow!! ($20)

personalized embroidered tote bag, i love that it has a zipper pocket too ($60)

and for a simpler and cheaper tote bag option ($11)

a travel tumbler which would make a great easy gift for every relative ($25)

a necklace made of their art!! what grandma wouldn’t flip out over this ($26)

tons of design options for custom keychains!! ($22)

ornaments!! this is sooo cute. ($25)

tea towels! also a really good gift for anyone related! ($25)

you can’t go wrong with a mug– i like this enamel version but they have a ceramic option too ($21)

ahhh such a beautiful idea for mothers day– a custom scarf! ($39+)

a stuffed animal of their drawings!! OBSESSED. ($30+)

an apron! i wanted to see it with arlos art lol ($25)

and i was so excited to preview his art on an ipad case too haha ($48)

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  1. What a fantastic post. I love every single idea. Fresh and inspiring!! ❤❤

  2. Great ideas! I always struggle with Mother’s Day and these are perfect!