sesame street collage puppet craft

arlo definitely gets more excited about a craft when it’s themed around something he loves, so when i suggested we make elmo and grover he was immediately into it. this project was super easy and took up an entire pre-nap block of the day and he never got bored and left during it either!

definitely finding that the projects that require less setup prior to him getting involved are better for both of us. 


cereal boxes
acrylic paint
construction paper
popsicle sticks

i did their faces and noses with cereal boxes and used construction paper for their eyes and mouths. if you don’t have construction paper, you can just do it all on your cereal box.

01. cut out your monsters head from cereal box and any noses or beaks. mix up paint for each piece and while your kid is painting, cut out the next head.

03. cut out all the eyes, smiles, etc. from construction paper or more cereal box.

04. let your kid try to determine what pieces go on which face and have them all setup in place to glue.

05. have at it with the glue!

06. tape popsicle sticks to the back, you can also use glue, but i like to tape in case we decide to hang or put our crafts in a book later.

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