six spring cleaning + organizing DIYs

this year we made one of the best decisions of our lives — to hire a cleaning lady. she comes every other week, and while it’s an expense we didn’t have before, i seriously don’t know how we survived in the apartment before. the toilets are clean. there’s much less fur everywhere. the stove isn’t covered in gunk. it’s amazing. but she isn’t a miracle worker — so the apartment is still cluttered to shit. now that it’s spring, we’re all kind of thinking about how we could be more organized, right? here are six DIYs to make you feel just a tad bit cleaner.

6 spring cleaning + organizing DIYs | almost makes perfect

01. this diy dustpan looks like something i’d try to spend $60 on gid would say no.
02. we use laundry bags, but they are NEVER organized by lights and darks.
03. prettying up our shampoo bottles was one of the most visually satisfying things ever.
04. everyone needs an easy place to corral their mail + crap.
05. and speaking of corralling, there is nothing better than a bunch of cute bowls for that,
06. but nothing makes me feel more organized than making lists (even if i don’t accomplish all the things on said list)

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  1. I love making lists and checking things off too 🙂 It feels so good! And I like that entryway organiser diy.