roundup : iphone speakers

i’ve found it really hard to find attractive speakers. but i guess when you start looking hard, you can find some gems. as of now, i don’t have speakers that work with my current iphone so i’ve just been blowing out the phone speaker for a year. it’s awesome. i think it might be time to invest in a good one, and a bunch of these are bluetooth and portable.

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ROW ONE yamaha TSX-70BG audio system / tivoli audio model one bluetooth radiovers 1.5R radio alarm
ROW TWO kanto SYD 5 ipod speaker system / ihome iD83 alarm stereo / speakrbox portable wooden speaker
ROW THREE altaz wireless speakers / jawbone jambox / ihome IBT4 bluetooth wireless boombox radio
ROW FOUR crosley ranchero ipod dock / muji cardboard speaker kraft / kanto ben cube speaker
ROW FIVE geneva sound S audio system / memorex portable wireless speakerhiddenradio pure white

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