pretty everything : 15 modern dinner bowls

i am obsessed with cooking bowl dishes, mexican bowls, greek bowls, breakfast bowls– if theres a bunch of stuff in a bowl i’m in. but the pasta bowls we got for a wedding gift way back when are too low so i’ve been on the hunt for months for new ones. course i had to do a roundup! let me know your favorites, i’m having a hard time deciding!

01. kaloh stoneware pasta bowls / west elm
02. bamboo bowl set / world market (we have the plates of these in beige and i love them)
03. east fork pottery everyday bowl
04. visto blush bowl / crate & barrel 
05. costa nova stoneware ceramic brisa pasta bowl
06. hawkins new york shaker stone low bowls
07. denby studio craft birch pasta bowl
08. dansk raina pasta bowl
09. project 62 stoneware tilley bowls
10. year&day big bowls
11. canvas home abbesses bowls
12. crate & barrel wilder low bowl
bowls at top:
1. anthropologie ilana matte bowls
2. menu new norm bowl
3. sandia adobe melamine bowls (yes they’re melamine!!!)

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  1. I have no. 1 but in the gray and I use those more than the plates lol!

  2. I have the ilana latte bowls from Anthro and I’m OBSESSED with the colors and shape they come in. I have all the colors except the navy. The only thing that may bother some people is that you can see scratch marks where your utensils hit the bowl. For me, it adds to the charm, since they are stoneware but some of the reviews show that people don’t like that. If you don’t want the scratch marks, I’d go with something with a shiny glaze, instead of matte.

  3. Hi! Go with the year and day bowls. I have the Hawkins bowls and I’ve had many from crate, I gotta say, they all feel like fruit bowls when eating from them. The year and day is not only a good price but it’s a great size. Wide enough for any type of bowl, wash to hold if you’re eating on the couch, sturdy (seen them in person) and versatile colors. ??

  4. I have no 3 and use them for everything salad, pasta, soup, cereal. All of my dishes are East Fork. It was an investment but I love the forms and glazes and enjoy them daily.