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you know my love of pretty things doesn’t stop with the dishes– so i thought it’d be fun to round up lots of attractive sponges, dish brushes, dish towels and dish racks today.

i did this post a little differently, so you can directly click on a product and be taken to the product page, but i hope it’s not glitchy for you! if it is, let me know! 

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dish brushes

i always stock up on beautiful dish brushes because it’s nice to have a few ready to go when they get too old. 

dish racks

our exact dish rack is no longer sold, but i love all of these.

dish brush holders

if you plan to use a dish brush you’ll need a pretty holder too, duuuuh. 

dish towels

you can never have too many dish towels! we use basic flour sack towels that i tie dyed last year.

dish soap bottles

i have been decanting our kitchen dish and hand soaps for years — i even have a few DIY projects in case you’re interested in labeling them.


we aren’t sponge people (I DETEST THE SMELL OF A SPONGE), but here are so many pretty ones (and a lot of them are sustainable options!)

and i’ll do a blog post about our whole sink setup asap with as many direct links as i can find! 

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  1. Hey! Do you still have the links to all these items? I can’t seem to access the links by clicking on the pictures, but maybe theres something wrong on my end. I’m specifically looking at the dish cloths.