payday wishlist : cozy stuff

Anyone else cold right now? How good does cuddling up in some comfy pajamas sound right now? Yeah, thought so. Just in time for it getting dark early.

one i love these muji striped slippers. and i consider myself a professional slipper wearer / two the super cute striped throws are on sale right now at west elm / three this silk chiffon robe from journelle would make me feel sexy even while eating mcdonalds in bed / four all time favorite, eberjey pajamas. i always get overheated in pants / five nicely packaged hot chocolate? ugly mug coffee co also has creme brulee hot chocolate. yes please. / six we have become addicted to the british tv show misfits, it’s so so good / seven while i watch my misfits, i’d like to lay my head on this room & board sheepskin pillow k thanks


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