payday wishlist

i can’t believe urban is selling bullet planters now. this is cray. now if only i could convince my boyfriend to stop thinking they’re hideous.

payday wishlist / 50

one . brass tray
two . bullet planter
three . blouse
four . blanket
five . malachite iphone case
six . flats

well it’s been a kind of a tough week over here! hopefully you weren’t affected but the blog had all sorts of problems yesterday and i spent the day stressed and on the phone with my hosting company. that and i haven’t slept. i go through these partial insomnia phases you could say, where for about a week i’ll get less and less sleep every night. i’ve been up since 3am today! it’s usually due to way too much in my mind. this weekend i am going to take it super easy and maybe try to drink a lot before bedtime. hope you have a great weekend!

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