making this: contact papered tile


OK now let me say one thing – I by no means think this looks awesome. I think it’s an improvement but for the first couple hours after I did this, I was like oh ok that’s hideous. It’s grown on me. You might think it looks hideous. And I guess I’m okay with that.

One of the first things I hated when we moved into our house was the fireplace. I have no before pictures, but I immediately painted the brick white. Like the first morning I woke up here. It was this horrible 80s toned brick. I painted it white and was like OK COOL but that tile below it always haunted me. Now keep in mind, we rent. And I’ve spent way too much money on this rental already so anything I can do to spend no real money and still hope to get our deposit back the better.

So I bought some weird marbled contact paper at Rite Aid for $5.

I covered the tile and cut the edges with an exacto. You can clearly see, it’s by no means perfect. It’s actually really really f*cking sloppy. But I am happy to report a friend was over the other day and didn’t realize it wasn’t real marble until she accidentally touched it and said whoa what is this? (I didn’t tell her about my brave DIY)

The marble pattern is really heavy. At some point I might go over it with a white wash to lighten up the pattern but now that cats live here, those projects seem very unrealistic. (also, don’t mind that really obnoxious wire on the wall… that’s the only way we can watch TV without cable.)

So… is it really ugly?

8 comments on “making this: contact papered tile”

  1. I love it! I’ve been thinking about doing that to the tiles of my kitchen backsplash. You’ve given me more courage!

    1. + so glad to hear that! it’s so not permanent / cheap, it’s even worth trying if you’re not sure. good luck!

  2. well done, i’have learned of my gone hubby as well to use those contact paper for in the house.
    He did allot of funny things, that wasn’t in those day’s commen like now.
    i love to watch those things back. Thank you for the sharing.
    I have two cats myselfs as well. and i use things like you as well. But the elderly cat of mine don’t like to eat anymore with her head down. She has lost her eye, and it had to be out of her small head. So i think i must think of a tray that is just some on a higher level.
    the problem is that the two both has their own special food, the younger one can eat the normal food, but the elederly cat must eat an expensivly diet for her kidney failure.
    so …. they both can’t eat nearby each other.-S
    i must stay with them when they will eat , like a policewoman.LOL
    but… i love my elderly cat too much and i still love to watch her around me so it’s not a big deal.;-D
    thank you for the sharing.

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