how we covered an unused door… part 1.

One of the many quirks of our house was the doorway going from the main room to the second bedroom, which we use for an office.

We really didn’t have another option of where to set up our living room besides putting the sofa right in front of the door. Therefore, we had the pleasure of having to tackle covering up a large door (with gnarly molding). Twice!

Our door in the living room sat awkwardly behind our small-scale sofa. We spent weeks brainstorming and finally decided to get a large scale stretched canvas (70x. We removed the molding and stored it in the garage (we rent.)

Had we used an unstretched canvas like this, I think we would have had an easier time driving it home.


Yuck. We hung the canvas and left it white for months before finding the time to do a collaborative painting.

It only took us a day to throw the painting together. I did the sky, my boyfriend Gideon did the iceberg.

And the door is gone! Well, the first door we had to worry about.


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