making this: ikea hacked nightstands


Literally hours after seeing this ikea hack (and I don’t use the word literally lightly), I forced my boyfriend to go to ikea with me to make these. Our nightstands were in dire need of retirement because of my lack of coaster usage. (Why I did this coaster DIY at the same time we built these new nightstands.)

We bought two of these Antonius laundry stands. I’m pretty sure they were even less than $12.99 because we didn’t buy the bag. Like $7?! I think!? Anyway, putting these things together sucks. If you’re me. It’s really really loud and you hammer and hammer away and they don’t seem to budge. But after they were assembled I had a very excited feeling inside.

I went and got 2 pieces of 2 inch thick wood cut at home depot and wood stain. I went by the ikea website measurements. THOSE ARE WRONG. Measure them yourself and THEN get the wood cut so you don’t have to go back and pay for double the amount of wood. UGH. My bad. Anyway, I stained the wood and let it dry.

I promptly painted the for no reason silver edges white. Why are those silver? Very odd. Then we put so so much glue on the top (Gideon did it because I’m too clumsy).

Drop some weights (and books) on top and let it dry for a day. Yes. I have both the Sex and the City book and the Sex and the City Movie book. The movie book was a mistake impulse buy.

Yes. They’re super modern. Yes, they have no drawers. Yes, they are made from cheap ikea laundry stands so obviously they’re not the most stable. When I showed my mom she said “oh. they’re okay.” But I don’t care I LOVE THEM!

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    1. thanks andrea! maybe just wobbly enough that you wouldn’t rest large family heirlooms on top if you lived in a place with earthquakes – but if they’d be used lightly like a nightstand, they’re fine! let me know if you try making them!

  1. Love them! That’s hilarious on your Mom’s comment, totally something my Mom would say too! What brand/color stain did you use and what kind of wood? TIA!

    So cute, good job!

    1. + i actually sold them at our last place because i didn’t feel like taking them off the walls ( so lazy. ) but i bought them at lamps plus i think!

  2. These are absolutely fabulous! I am in love with them! i hate that they dont have a drawer or a little bottom shelf but that can be easily added on as well. You did an awesome job!

  3. you did an excellent job with the tables! do you happen to recall the color | name of the paint on the wall?
    thanks so much!

    1. they don’t sell these specific ones anymore. unfortunately! i also just found this hack recently and was kinda sad. you can probably find them somewhere, but for more than ikea sold them originally.

  4. Hello! I am so in love with these nigh stands and scored a pair of the hampers even though they are discontinued. Unfortunately I cannot find wood in those dimensions (2″ x 14″ x 15 1/2″) anywhere! I have check every lumber place in my area including Lowes and Home Depot. Do you know where I may be able to find the wood?

  5. i *love* this idea…definitely going to remember this when i’m out and about shopping! [also i love you audrey kawasaki print!]

  6. haha. ” My mom said they are ok…” sounds like my mom… They look amazing! I love them… I’m going to do some in black ;-)

  7. I love these, what a great idea! Aren’t moms so weird sometimes??!! I totally get that response from my mom when I think I’ve come up with something very smart. I’ve also learned that they don’t quite “get” Ikea.

  8. Firstly I just love everything you post on this blog you are such a clever cookie! Secondly… weird question, but what fonts do you use on pictures above? I would love to use for wedding invites/signs.

  9. This is just brilliant. Ikea has stop making these. Anyone know what to replace it with ?
    Thanks in advance, cheers,

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