hi! we’ve moved!

OK! I finally plugged in my computer in the new place. There are boxes EVERYWHERE and we’re in that stage where we desperately need more storage furniture to unpack the remainder of the stuff but we can’t really bring new furniture in until we unpack to make space and you know the deal. I am going to reveal the really disgusting photos of what everything looks like right now. They’re gross. But will be great for making after shots look way better.

BOXES BOXES BOXES! I feel like this. Except with boxes and not bags.

I’m planning on getting a big ol storage thingy for this section of the kitchen.

And some serious shelving for more pretty items over here.

This is the wall you see when you walk in. So I want it to be pretty. I’m planning on a fauxdenza. Hide everything in that bitch.

I set up the living room and scotch taped up our stockings. Which refuse to stay up. We’re also planning on some major shelving here. SHELVING!

Gideon refused to believe the BBQ wouldn’t fit with our table and chairs on the balcony. I mean, it fits… Anyone in LA wanna buy an awesome BBQ? Right now please?

We ordered a custom blackout shade for the bedroom. For now, we get to look at this beaut. Please notice I didn’t even bother making the bed to take this photo. Cool.

Since we watch about 95% of our tv in the bedroom, we switched the big one for the little one. Gideon is seriously in heaven.

At least one of our two cats is doing well with the move.

We have two bathrooms (!!!!!) but they both have no storage space and we have tons of stuff. Have to figure out something.

And the best part is our views. As I type this, I am totally seeing a tree! This is awesome.

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  1. This is fxin crrazy first i was like…whooooa…then for sure I found out that I was…gooood. sounds like you guys are comfy again.