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i posted the other day about getting bangs so went ahead and did that. so happy i did. there’s something about having a big chunk of hair in front of your face that makes you feel so much cuter / part of the reason i got the bangs was for our trip to france … it’s only a few short days away now, so i’ve been trying to make a zillion lists of everything i can’t forget. oh boy there’s a lot of lists going / it’s summery everywhere in la and the bougainvillea at my moms house is as red as ever / like i mentioned – we got a new sofa! we haven’t gotten to fully enjoy it because it’s been covered in ten blankets until the cats get used to it. so i’m thinking in about a year we can remove those! / i bought the best (and biggest) toothbrushes online for $5 each at swissco – i am really enjoying dental hygiene more now / i’m dying thinking about leaving my cat models for two weeks / amidst my upcoming taco tour, we’ve been actually eating at the taco places rather than taking out… so luckily i got to see this cholo claw machine / bought the cutest bikini at target – which i now know is for juniors… speaking of which, i’m always wondering what’s the cutoff age for being obsessed with forever 21?

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  1. lots going on! super envious of your upcoming trip to france – i’ve got a major case of the travel bug right now and just posted about it too! (and yay for bangs!)